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You are very welcome to my personal blog, packed full of useful and useless information (depending on your perspective of course). The more astute of you might have gathered my name is Leslie J Fletcher.

My professional interests are full-stack web development and all forms of marketing. My personal interests are life-long education, personal growth and development, both academic and meta physical.

This website is all about the above, anything and everything.


Since 2006 I have been developing websites using industry leading software and establishing as close to an ISO standard as I can to ensure my websites are robust, secure, future-proof and search optimised.

I call this platform SiteKnight applying to dynamic as well as static websites.

A design station with laptop and desk accessories


Personal development should be a life-long ambition, a journey that is both empowering and vital for mental health. Breaking established patterns to do something new creates new neural pathways in the brain.

2MotiV8 ("to motivate") hopefully will try and do just that!



It is no secret that one of the most effective ways to appear high in the search engine rankings for high-competition buyer-keywords is to optimise video. Google especially, (as it owns YouTube now), is very keen to offer video content.

I am a video content creator with BlooVids and am interested by the process.


Liverpool Hosting

Often understated, hosting is critically important, not only for performance and security but for search engine ranking as well. Dissatisfied with whats on offer I created Liverpool Hosting for myself and for my clients.

Liverpool Hosting is UK-Based, SSD Private Managed Hosting


Recent Talking Points


Smartphones Take Over

Smartphones are now the primary devices used to carry out web searches.


Website mobile responsive?

Small-screen functionality?

Cross-browser operability?

Video For SEO

It's easier to rank video for valuable buyer keywords!


Video SEO optimisation.

Mobile responsiveness.

Engaging and powerful.


Be Educated

Life-long learning benefits mental health and longevity,


O.U. distance learning.

Udemy rocks!

Mature students.

Latest Diatribe

You have to smile! I recently spoke to someone about getting their web assets ready for Brexit and they said they were waiting for the the outcome of negotiations. As I tried to point out, the outcome is Brexit.

I am convinced in the longer-term, once the misinformation has passed and people accept this is going to happen, Brexit will present much in the way of opportunity.


Getting ready for Brexit does not involve giant leaps. It involves small steps.

Much will change in the way opportunities are resourced. Local search will become more important as people seek the best resources available.

Herein lies the opportunity. In this country we have a lot to offer. Brexit does not have to be a bad thing, it is just different to what we are used to.


Preparation is key. Time is getting short and leaving things to the last moment is not a great idea.

We are all going to get a lot busier in the web development and design world.

You do not have to wait for the outcome of the negotiations. Just get things set up so that your brand and business is the best it can be in the local search results.


Building those vital relationships and retaining your clients is what is important.

Some habits are going to have to change, but in my view, this little country of our has a big heart.

Our EU partners know this and once the posturing and opportunism has subsided, relationships will be continued and solidified. Time will tell if I am being too optimisitic.

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