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Introducing Myself

Welcome to my website. My name is Leslie J Fletcher, I live in Prescot in England and am passionate about online marketing, web development, video creation, music, travel and my dysfunctional dog Mandy.

This website is about my passions and is a portal to my other websites. I was born in 1961, so you might think I do not fit into your expectations of a web developer or marketing entrepreneur?

That is the point isn't it? I am very good at what I do. I am actually starting my third year of a BSc.(Hons) Degree in Computing and IT with the Open University, I have diplomas in Entrepreneurial Studies and Internet Marketing. You could argue I am actually a good fit. That is what drives me, personal development. At my age I appreciate education and mastering new skills; more than I did in my youth. I just hope I might inspire others to take up their passions or learn new skills, not letting age or background affect their ambitions.

What I Do

Helping Local Business Online Engagement

Like it or not, some form of internet outreach is vital. This does not mean the expense of a brand new website. Depending on the business, targeted Facebook Lead Ads concentrating on the ideal client-demographic can be extremely effective.

The internet has changed with the focus on mobile search. One of my specialisms is the creation of optimised video. Video is essential nowadays. Especially for small screen mobile search.

My approach is very simple but very effective. Furthermore, with me there are no nasty surprises. My fees are productivity-based, staged to proven milestones agreed at the outset.



Analytical market research based on the client business model. Competitor analysis and predicted project outcomes.



A concise agreement setting out the project objectives and milestones. The project outline which is written in plain English.



Work commences to achieve each agreed objective and milestone. Only when these are met is a staged invoice sent out to the client.


Project Completion

Once all work has been completed and the agreed milstones and objectives are met, a final invoice is sent. Lifetime support then starts.

Working directly with a developer has enormous advantages. As there are no agency fees or time-pressures clients benefit from lower fees and a close working partnership.

More About Us

Freelancer vs Agency

Hiring a Professional Freelancer Web-Developer

Within an agency there is little direct contact with the client once instructions are received. With a freelancer there is a close working relationship. I have the time to fully explain the technical process in plain English, providing support my clients in a format they understand.

Clients do not wish to be baffled by jargon. This is where the close working relationship, and the better understanding of the client's knowledge, engenders transparent working practices.

My Skills

No one can boast a complete knowledge of all aspects of web-development due to the rapid roll-out of software updates and alogrithm changes. The following is an honest appraisal of my skill levels:

  • Web Design & Development

  • Animated Video Creation

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Optimised Content Creation

Why Choose Me?

I am constantly studying and honing my skills. In October 2019, I will be in my third year of an Undergraduate BSc.(Hons) Degree in Computing and IT with the Open University.

I am constantly learning new skills. I have gained two diplomas with the Shaw Academy in Internet Marketing (2015) and Entrepreneurial Studies (2014). At the time of writing, over the last six years, I have enrolled in 118 courses with UDEMY.

  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Creation
  • Social Media Marketing

Work Guarantee

Local Businesses demand value for money, money can be tight at times, I understand this.

I guarantee my work at each project milestone. If I do not do what I say I will, I don't get paid.

Supporting Infrastructure

If you order a new website, or landing page, they come with a control panel hosted on SSD UK-Servers.

You can independently access accurate server statistics verifying the reports I submit.

My Entrepreneurial Progress

This is a personal reflection of my skill level. It is but of course only my opinion, but I am a hard task-master, especially when it comes to myself.


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